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Profile & History

Profile & History

RSPI Sulianti Saroso is a National Infection Center with the following profile details:

Class A Specialty Hospital

Research Center Hospital, AHS Network Education – UI

Plenary KARS Accredited

Public Service Agency Hospital

Referral Hospital for Treatment of Certain Emerging Infectious Diseases


RSPI Prof. dr. Sulianti Saroso also plays a major role in handling and preventing a number of outbreaks in Indonesia.

Hospital facilities are equipped with infrastructure with international standard biosafety and biosecurity principles, one of which has Negative Pressure Isolation Room .


Some of the roles of RSPI Prof. dr. Sulianti Saroso In the management of infectious diseases, among others:

In 2003 it was appointed as one of the referral hospitals for SARS cases

In 2005 became a referral hospital in handling outbreaks of bird flu (H5N1)

In 2012 play an active role in the treatment and prevention of disease Mers-CoV (MCoV) or MERS-CoV

In 2020 as a Hospital that handles the first Covid-19 patients


RSPI PROF.DR.Sulianti Saroso as the National Infection Center also has a long history in its journey to date. Here we present a book with the title “The Story of a Thousand Asa” as reading to know more about our Hospital.

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