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Organizational Structure & HR

Organizational Structure & HR

Organizational Structure & Work Units


  1. Coordinator: Coordinator of Medical & Nursing Services, Coordinator of Support Services, Coordinator of Planning & Evaluation, Coordinator of Finance & BMN, Coordinator of Human Resources, Education & Research, Coordinator of Organization & General Affairs.
  2. Committees: Medical Committee, Nursing Committee, PPI Committee, Health Research Ethics Committee, PPRA Committee, Other Healthcare Committee, Quality & Patient Safety Committee.
  3. Installation : Emergency Room Installation, Intensive Care Installation, Central Surgical Installation, Outpatient Installation, Inpatient Installation, Laboratory Installation, Radiology Installation, Pharmacy Installation, Nutrition Installation, Body Retrieval Installation, Medical Record Installation, Data & Information Installation, Facility Maintenance Installation & Infrastructure, CSSD Installation & Laundry.
  4. Others : Internal Inspection Unit (SPI), Goods & Services Procurement Unit (UKPBJ), Medical Staff Group (KSM), Functional Position Group


Recapitulation of Types of Workforce at RSPI Sulianti Saroso is as follows:

Doctor : 72 people

Nurses & Midwives : 212 people

Other Health Workers: 114 people

Non Health Workers : 266 people

The total number of health workers and non-health workers is 664 people (PNS, Non-PNS)


The following is the organizational structure of RSPI Sulianti Saroso.

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