TB-TBRO services at RSPI Sulianti Saroso are health services based on patient care and people care involving multi-discipline, integrated and coordinated with cross-sectoral.

We have activities in both Outpatient and Inpatient Services.

1. Drug sensitive TB: Poly DOTS
2. drug-resistant TB; poly TB RO

1. Drug Sensitive TB
2. Drug Resistant TB: Room with negative pressure

Action Facility:
* Thoracic Ultrasound
*pleural puncture
*Fine Needle Biopsy

Other activities Telemedicine, Counseling

Service weekdays every Monday to Friday

Served by Consultant Lung Specialist
1. dr. Adria Sp.P(K)
2. dr. Titi Sundari, Sp.P(K)
3. dr. Pompini Agustina S, Sp.P(K)
4. dr. Rosamarlina, Sp.P(K)
5. dr. Haruyuki Dewi F, Sp.P(K)
6. dr. Faisal Rizal M, Sp.P


If you need further information, contact us in :

Whatsapp Customer Care 085161956161

Call Center (021)6506559-62

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