Our inpatient services are comprehensive. Our inpatient services consist of:

  1. VIP Inpatient Service
  2. Class Inpatient Services (1,2,3)
  3. NEGATIVE PRESSURE Isolation Inpatient Services
  4. NON-NEGATIVE PRESSURE Isolation Inpatient Services
  5. ICU COVID Inpatient Services
  6. NON COVID ICU Inpatient Services
  7. Mortuary & Funeral Home Service
  8. Emergency Services
  9. Central Surgical Service

In addition, we have support services which consist of:

  1. Clinical Laboratory Services, Clinical Parasitology, Clinical Microbiology, Clinical Anatomical Pathology
  2. Radiology Service
  3. Anesthesia Service
  4. Medical Rehabilitation Services
  5. Pharmacy Services
    For visitors/inpatients, make sure you bring and include the following:

    1. Hospital treatment card (old patient)
    2. Health insurance card (BPJS, other Health Insurance)
    3. ID (such as driver’s license, ID card or passport)
    4. Others : Family Card

    When you are going to be hospitalized, please follow the following information:

    1. It’s best if you only bring what you need in a suitcase.
    2. Do not carry large amounts of money, jewelry or other valuables. Because the Hospital is not responsible for the loss or damage to your belongings during the treatment.
    3. During the treatment process, you are required to follow the rules during treatment, which will be explained directly when you are in the hospital.
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